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Fitness Classes

With different intensities and routines, there’s sure to be a Bennett Fit Fitness Class for you.

The real you awaits. Get into your healthier body form today!

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Athletic Performance

Looking to get stronger, faster, and more agile? Want to prevent serious and lingering injuries? This is your section!

Bennett Fit Athletic Performance will help you gain the competitive edge to help you go from bench warmer to All Star!

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Corporate Wellness

In Silicon Valley, unfortunately many tech jobs are desk jobs, sitting for hours on end.

Bennett Fit Corporate Wellness is designed to nurture wellness in workers, regardless of the work environment.

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Edwardson S.
San Jose, CA
This place is awesome!

This place is awesome! Jah is a great trainer. If you’re looking for a place to get fit and get result, this is the place. He has things in this gym that you’ve never seen before. All of the athletes he trains improve by a 100%! He is calm and very patient, it doesn’t matter about your physical abilities he will work with you. He motivates and teaches. Great place to get fit!

San Mateo, CA
Brittany R.
I’ll be going back tomorrow morning!

I went to a Beginner Fitness Boot Camp this morning through the Meta Body Fitness 30 class pass and I really enjoyed it. It was a smaller class but you’re there for the workout. The regulars were pretty nice and seemed like they knew Jah well.M/span>

Jah, the trainer, was very friendly and helpful and makes it clear that you should go at your own pace. I am not in great shape and he demonstrated how to do each exercise and encouraged me to push myself. It was focused mostly on legs and I think he alternates each class so that you can rest your muscles properly between workouts. M/span>

Jah gives you an excellent workout, for any level, and I’ll be going back tomorrow morning!

Danielle C.
San Jose, CA
I absolutely love going to Bennett Fit Gym!

I absolutely love going to Bennett Fit Gym. I’ve tried several other gyms and trainers and nothing has compared to what Jay Bennett and Jay Addy put into their workouts. Each day is different and progressively challenging.

I accepted the 14 day challenge with a friend and successfully completed it, with amazing results. Even though the challenge is over, I am continuing to go because I feel better than I have in ages. Jah is patient, engaged in your overall and general health, and diligent in his workouts. Jay is just as amazing, motivational, and personable. I now keep their business cards on my desk because everyone who comes in asks what I’ve been doing and its easier to say, call Bennett Fit and find out!

Thank you guys for going above and beyond and being amazing at what you do. I feel great and more confident and have you guys to thank for it.

Image I.
San Jose, CA
A year and half later and i’ve managed to keep the weight off!

I’ve been attending Bennett Fit Gym for the last year and a half! I haven’t had tone in my arms and a waistline in years that I can say I was happy with until I hit this gym. I’m someone who can workout on my own and Bennett Fit took it to another level. I could never understand why I could not get rid of my extra body fat until we talked about food! They educated me on things about food that have changed my life 🙂 As trainers they push me just enough to see and feel results! I thought I was handling my workouts on my own but I was really out of shape and didn’t know it!

A year and half later and i’ve managed to keep the weight off! I think a half marathon could be in the future because I’M NEVER TIRED!!!!

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About Bennett Fit

Bennett Fit is an athletic company specializing in performance-specific training for the developing athlete and fitness development for men and women. Our clients will receive the area’s premier athletic development through a model that gives them the psychological, emotional, and physical “Bennett-fits” of training that are superior to any program in the area.



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Packages & Prices

We offer 3 affordable packages.

All our Fitness Class + Personal Training Session packages are offered on a monthly basis.


4 Personal Training Sessions

8 Fitness Classes

1 Training or Class / Day

$99 / month


8 Personal Training Sessions

12 Fitness Classes

1 Training / Day

1 Class / Day

$199 / month $175 / month


12 Personal Training Sessions

Unlimited Classes

1 Training / Day

Unlimited Classes / Day

Nutritional Consultation

$349 / month

Single Fitness Class

Any class | Any day

$10 / 1 hour

Single Personal Training Session

Any day | Any trainer

$40 / 1 hour

Fitness Classes

Personal Trainer San Jose

Personal Training

You tell us your goal. We’ll help you get there ASAP with 1-on-1 or group personal training.

Beginner Fitness Class San Jose

Beginner Fitness

We will gently get you back into the flow of things in order to restart your healthy lifestyle.

High School Athletic Training San Jose

High School

Over 82% of high school athletes do not know how to run, jump, and lift properly.

Moms Fitness Class San Jose

Moms & Dads

This class is designed for parents who work during the days and do not have much time.

High Intensity Interval Training San Jose


An expert blend of authentic kickboxing with H.I.I.T. drills for a heart-healthy workout.

College Athletic Training

Next Level

Designed for collegiate and post-collegiate athletes ready to move on to the next level.

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