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Athletic Development Programs

Athletic development provides systematic training and conditioning to help athletes reach their full potential in their chosen sport. Our comprehensive programs address agility, balance, speed, strength, power, injury prevention, resilience, recovery, and sport-specific skills. We focus on proper technique, flexibility, mental toughness, and developing drive.

The earlier you can start the better, but it’s never too late. With younger athletes (10-12 year-olds), we focus on physical development and proper technique to lay a strong foundation for athletic success and prevent injury. As athletes get older and more experienced, our programs become more tailored, sport-specific, and intense.

All programs include: 

  • Assessment before, during, and after the program to measure results

  • Coaching to ensure proper form, task completion, and positive motivation 

  • Homework to build good habits and expedite results

Programming options: 

  • 1-on-1 coaching sessions

  • Small groups of 3-5 athletes

  • Classes with 16 athletes max

Sample 12-week schedule

Evaluation prior to week 1 (vertical jumps, speed, endurance)

Week 1 - Essential strengtheners (hips, quads, glutes, core)

Week 2 - Balance and coordination

Week 3 - Balance and coordination

Week 4 - Running mechanics

Week 5 - Running mechanics

Week 6 - Jumping mechanics (how to jump)

Week 7 - Jumping mechanics (how to land)

Week 8 - Jumping mechanics (functional application)

Week 9 - Lateral quickness mechanics

Week 10 - Lateral quickness and reaction training

Week 11 - Acceleration (Force = Mass X Acceleration)

Week 12 - Test and Evaluation

Day 1 Workout | "The Essentials"

  1. Education on the importance of form

    • Walking lunges with emphasis on knee drives and foot positioning

    • Squat form with emphasis on form & knee positioning

    • Squat jumps with emphasis on landing and driving through hips

    • Quick feet & quick hops with emphasis on reaction to floor

    • Intro to hip series with a focus on posture (back straight, chest up, abs engaged)

  2. Dynamic stretch

    • Walking hams

    • Walking quads

    • Knee circles

  3. Education recap & numbers reaction game

  4. Abs

    • Intro to planks

    • Intro to V-holds

    • Intro to crunches 

    • Intro to bicycles

    • Intro to side planks

  5. Back extensions

    • Right arm with left leg

    • Left arm with right leg

    • Awkward swimmers

    • Arms and chest

    • Legs only

    • Supermans

  6. Flexibility

    • Child’s pose

    • Cobra

    • Downward dog

    • Pigeon

    • Sit and reach

    • Butterflies

“My 10-year-old daughter is a competitive diver. She's seen improvements in her core, vertical, and handstands which have taken her diving to the next level. Training with this team has not only increased her physical skills but her confidence and mental toughness to excel at the national level. ” 

—  Rick

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