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Personal training and athletic development program for young athletes and elite athletes in San Jose, CA. Improve agility, balance, speed and strength through targeted drills and exercises.

Personal training
to be your best

Reach your goals with San Jose’s leading personal trainers. Focused on functional training and athletic development to help you excel in sports and in life. Whether you want to be the quickest on the court or the strongest on the field, our programs will teach you to master the mechanics of movement, so you can blow past your competition. 

Build your agility, balance, speed, strength and power.

Our approach to athletic development

Before we start any program, we identify and correct simple imbalances to establish a strong foundation. Then we teach the most fundamental mechanics of running, jumping and landing - which are often overlooked. Next we use proven drills to build agility, balance, speed and strength. We continually test for improvements, analyze the results and then repeat the process to maximize each athlete's performance.

Sports-specific programs

Want to be a Division-1 athlete? Then you have to train like one, so you can run faster, jump higher and hit harder. Our programs are designed to elevate in-game performances and are centered around agility, balance, speed, and strength. We customize each training program to the needs of your position and prepare you for Division-1 competition.

Injury prevention

Correct your imbalances to ensure you’re a well-balanced athlete, but more importantly to prevent future injuries. Learn why ACL injuries occur and strengthen the right muscles to avoid them. Analyze your gait and stride to improve your running mechanics. Understand the how-to’s of jumping and landing by focusing on concentric and eccentric load, load time, and jump timing. If you do get injured, once you’re cleared, we’ll get you game-ready and minimize the chances of a recurring injury. 

Nutrition, regeneration and recovery

To perform your best you need proper nutrition, hydration, and activities like stretching, foam rolling, and massage. Nutrition can be confusing and difficult to navigate, so we offer a variety of programs tailored to your individual needs. From guidelines to help with weight management, weight loss, prevention and management of health conditions to services that include lifestyle assessment, meal planning, calorie tracking, nutrient tracking and shopping list recommendations. 

“My 10-year-old daughter is a competitive diver. She's seen improvements in her core, vertical, and handstands which have taken her diving to the next level. Training with this team has not only increased her physical skills but her confidence and mental toughness to excel at the national level. ” 

—  Rick

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